Every couple can have amazing wedding pictures.

5 important pieces to make it happen


1. photographer

You can have your dream wedding location with every little detail perfectly chosen, but if your photographer is not able to work well with ever-changing lighting conditions or take the best advantage of available backgrounds, you will not have your dream come true pictures.

Your wedding picture will only be as good as the skill of the person who took them. 


2. time

Having enough time is the second most important ingredient to wow wedding photography. Assuming you picked a skilled photographers who really know how to take advantage of manual camera settings, the second part is to plan your wedding day so you can enjoy it and have amazing pictures at the same time.

I document all weddings with with mostly documentary style, which means I capture moments as they happen. 

When the lighting is not at its best or backgrounds are distractive or not so appealing my lighting assistant steps in to help me create extraordinary images in ordinary situations. 

If you have a very limited time for portrait sessions it really negatively impacts the number and quality of your portraits. 


My minimum time recommendations are: 

* 60 min for bride and groom portraits

* 30 min for bridal party 

* 15 and up min for family formal session (depends on the number of picture combinations a couple requests)


3. locations

Backgrounds are huge help. 

If you like nature, is there a park nearby with a different verity of trees, little brides, flowers.

If you like city shots, can you go to a few city parts without spending most time in the traffic.

If you like architecture, are there any large, unique buildings, brides, tunnels, arches nearby.


4. weather, time of the day, time of the year

Photography needs light and the more of the natural light the better. However midday light is not recommended for pictures, it is too harsh producing strong shadows. The best time is to plane your picture sessions to start about 2-3 hours before sunset.

Time of the year is very important too. Summer hot days and late Fall or Winter cold winds take a negative tall of couple’s natural acting.

Best times for pictures are Spring and Fall from 2 hours before to sunset.


5. bride and groom participation

When everything is in place, great photographer, enough time, unique backgrounds, nice weather and soft daylight, you can really relax and enjoy your picture session, showing your natural expressions and smiles. The only limit to achieve wow images is the photographers skill.

You do not have to have modeling experience or even like taking pictures, the photographers magic will happen.

On the other hand if you are missing important pieces to this successful picture puzzle, it will came back to you making it hard to enjoy the picture time not to mention the final result.



I personally advice all of my clients months before the wedding day how to plan for your amazing picture session. 

This way you can truly enjoy your wedding day and have breathtaking memories for years to come.