wedding photography pricing

I offer 2 wedding photography service categories:

 documentary & artistic documentary high-end 

To learn details about documentary and artistic documentary high-end, scroll below sample images

Both serices can be customized to personal preferences. Edited images can be all color, all B/W or mix

Wedding photography price range is $2,500 to $10,000 




* coverage by Konrad up to 10 hours

* USB with all images, full resolution, client rights

* editing of all images

* online gallery

* additional time and custom option available

 artistic documentary - high-end


* coverage by Konrad up to 12 hours

* second photographer up to 10 hours

* 1 or 2 lighting assistants and creative lighting

* USB with all images, full resolution, client rights

* custom editing of all images

* online gallery

* additional time and custom option available

custom options for all offers (additional charge applies):

additional time, 2nd and 3rd photographer, engagement session, custom handmade albums, books, canvas and more

handmade custom albums $1,000-$2,800
books start at $800
parent books start at $300

documentary picture samples, too see a full wedding click on the link below


artistic documentary high-end picture samples, too see a full wedding click on the link below


What is or what should high-end photography be?

High-end photography is not average photography with pricing inflated by fancy referrals.
It is a unique photography with the highest quality images for clients expecting nothing but amazing results.
Images should look unique regardless of how expensive or basic the backgrounds are 
The service is tailored to clients needs with many custom options and the finest handmade albums. 

What is quality in photography and should we care?

Photography quality is defined by image: exposure, focus, lighting, composition and style.
When phones became more popular than computers, we started looking at very small images. Since we can not see imperfection in small size, it negatively effected quality in photography making basic mistakes simply acceptable. In addition to that a few years back a very popular photography trend started which focuses on bright images. This photography style requires just a basic photo training from a photographer. So why bother to introduce quality again if most couples seam to be satisfied.
It is a personal choice and the fact that something is very popular today, may not be so appealing in a couple of years, yet wedding pictures are forever. If you plan to keep your wedding pictures only on the phone, most photography will satisfy, but putting the pictures into a wedding album or large prints will not work with poor quality images. 
Investing in quality is probably not a bad thing.

My Documentary vs. Artistic Documentary High-end

Lighting is not always perfect or good. Sometimes it is harsh and poor quality. Even the most expensive cameras do not balance the contrast between dark and light areas as well as our eyes. My documentary photography is based on the available light with minimal use of flash. I can still take pictures in any lighting condition, but when the lighting is low quality, I am limited to what I can produce in that location. The results are still more than acceptable for most if not all couples due to my high standards.
This is a style used by most photographers today.

Artistic Documentary High-end is a good match for couples who like documentary style images as well as hight impact portraits and unique lighting. I still take most picture based on the available light, but with a help of my lighting assistants and many photo gadgets, I can create almost anything I want in terms of lighting. All effects are created by using photo equipment, not photoshop tricks. Improving lighting in a photograph improves its quality. Artistic Documentary does not require any special setups, all effects are created in 1-5 seconds and those images represent less than 10% of all images delivered to a client. Lighting assistants also help me with logistics, which has a positive effect on my work enabling me to only take pictures and chasing after little moments.